A woman who is close to the Kingdom of God


Peace to you brothers and sisters of PIEI mission who are in the USA. I am grateful for your support in the field of God with your spiritual and financial help that we need. Especially for the Stef family and Golbston family, I appreciated with all my heart and soul.

We have a Bible research every week in our Church of Vovchanest , at this moment we read Psalm. Every member reads and then discuss what had been read. And this week I tried to visit them at home to talk more with them and have individual support.

I had met one man whom I invite to the church for a long time and I asked him again: Come to our church and listen to the Holy Scripture. And Aliosha he is 60 years old replied: God is for you but not for me. And I told him: Don`t you want to breathe with the air, do you? Because God has given this air for us. He wondered, looked at me and said: Yes, people can not to create an air only God. Sorry, please. I keep in mind about your invitation.

At this picture, I was talking with the head of the kindergarten in Vankachauts. She is a very famous woman, she worked for 40 years in kindergarten, and now she sings in a choir of the orthodox church. I know her and came to her to talk. She reads the Bible and makes notes at the point she does not understand. So we discuss all those verses and I explained for her a Word of God. She attends our church many times.

She told to the orthodox priest: I like to be here and in the Baptist church. And he replied: Ok, it is your choice.

Pray, please, about this kind woman may God show her the True path

Pray about my health, after 8 surgeries I am not so good. Every 3 month I take a course of medicine to reduce the infectious inflammatory process and the temperature. They are too expensive for me, annual I spend more than 1500$.

I pray for you all and thank from my heart for your spiritual concern.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa in Vovchanets and Vankachauts.