Sermon in the car


I had different events in my missionary ministry when I meet a lot of people who are unbelievers and don't know anything about alive God and our Savior Jesus Christ. I am wondering when I find out that many people don`t know how to get to heaven. I met youth on the street and asked them: who is God and where is He? What power does He have? Can we compare ourselves with the other gods? Most of them didn`t answer. I explained to them about the prophet Illiah 1Kings 18.

I had driven one woman from Novoselitsa to Vanchacauts her name is Valentina Petrovna and she is 65.

I switched on the tape recorder with sermons about the love of God by the preacher Kiorel Kardianov. I asked her does this sermon disturbed you? No - she replied. She had listened carefully and cried. And after that, she said: These words are true. and then we started to talk about the Word of God. I told her about God`s love for her.

Brothers, pray about this woman, please. She worked the head of the store in our village.

Pray about our village for that who stayed here and didn`t go to the abroad for work for they will think about their souls.

I am grateful to PIEI mission for your spiritual and financial support. God bless you!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa