Meeting with the eldest man

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I send greetings and blessings from my heart to mission PIEI and all brothers and sisters. Peace and grace to you!

It is very responsible to serve as a missionary because you have to know Bible good and lead people on the truth way. I feel as God help me in doing this. It is not easy but God is near me.

This week I had an opportunity to visit different places in pharmacy, store, and school and talk with people about Risen Christ. And I invited them to the church on Easter Eve.

I visited the eldest man in our village George Bezushko. He is 105 years old, he passes over the war and had an injury there and now he has a lot of medals and rewards. He told about his life when God saved him many times. And he was wondered why did I come to him. And I explained to him that God had sent me to tell him about His love, cross, blood, sin, and salvation in Jesus Christ. You are a good person among the people but you need Christ because there is not one holly and everybody are in sin. So, now you have to repentance before God and believe in Jesus Christ, and He will clean your soul from every sin. There were his daughter Antonina and son-in-law Victor at that time and listened to me, they are orthodox. I asked them what the priest was talking about the last congregation? And they replied that it was a little understandable. Read the Bible and you will know Jesus Christ, it is easy to understand – I responded to them. I can explain to you how to get to know God if you`d like. At the end of meeting George was grateful and cried, he said I thought that I am not needed to anybody but now revealed that there are many people who pray of me that I get to know God.

I pray about George, Antonina and Viktor. Please, pray with me too.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa