Gospel on the street


Peace to you brothers and sisters from the USA, especially to Stef family and Hoston family and everyone who pray about us missionaries in Ukraine for repentance people and their reconciliation with God.

Hello to you from our church in the Vavchanets and my family with best regards in Jesus Christ.

This month I had visited some patients and made small evangelizations with people of different ages. We have a Bible research the Psalm book in our church. I work at the church building and meet a lot of people and invite them to the service. I met some people close to the store and we had a long conversation about God and His love. God is the truth and everyone who trusts Him will never be frustrated. One of them was a man named Ivan. His mother in law was a believer and had told him about repentance many times. I told him a story of my life how I had found God how I started to have a serious relationship to God with fear and trembling, thinking about God`s love for people. And I understood that I would not have a better friend like Jesus Christ. So, when I converted then my old friends stopped relationships with me but instead of them, I had found a lot of brothers and sisters. I had got married and I have three children now. So, my life became different.

Ivan has listened very careful and he promised to read the Bible every day and attend the church.

Please, pray of him. May God lead him on the way of truth.

God bless you all!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa