God`s miracle in my life

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God bless you all beloved in Lord who prays for Ukraine and supports missionaries of PIEI, especially Stef family.

I had the opportunity besides of children, youth and elders to talk with the military doctor general lieutenant of Lviv hospital. His name is Ivan Michael Bezushko and he is 54 years old. He lives in Lviv (The West of Ukraine) and he had come there from our village Tarasivtsi. And now he came here to his mother on the Easter. He is an old friend of our family. So I went to him to see him and to talk about God`s love. When my rectum burst in three points, I was in the hospital in Lviv. I had a consultation with one medical docent and he had me told that I was dying and I needed emergency surgery and a great sum of money. When Ivan, who is general, had heard about this he replied to the docent: “This is my friend and he is a believer so God won`t let him die. Do the surgery and God will find the money!”

The surgery was very long and difficult, many people prayed about me and this general helped me in everything. God blessed me and left me alive. Then Ivan in my room tells to the docent and other doctors: "You see, I told you before, God saved him, all America prayed for him and all believers in Ukraine. Look how they worry about each other but we don`t”.

When I woke up after the surgery the doctor said to me: “Vasyl, you are born again” and I replied to them that God saved me and He gave you the wisdom to lead the surgery. After that, they said: “God is truly alive” and told them that God loves everyone who trusts in Him. After that, I had seven surgeries more and the hand of God was upon me.

And now I asked the general in his mother`s house: “Do you read the Bible? Do you pray before your work and surgery? Because you will make a report before God on His court despite what the profession did you have on the earth. Ivan, go to the church in Lviv, don`t shy to come to Jesus. You will have blessings in your family and you will never fall on your way if you trust in God”. He answered that he reads the Bible and changed his view on the world. In the very soon he will get one star more so he becomes the colonel general.

I ask you brothers to pray about this general and his family. Like in the Bible is written that Cornelius was in the same situation and God blessed his family.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa