October 2017

In October God helped me to visit two unsaved families in Vanchicauts. We talked a lot from the Bible. I explained them many things they didn’t know. Please pray with me for these two families, Olesya and Nicolai, and Maria and Ivan. I also invited them to church and they promised me to come. 

With our youth we visited four young people whom we told about God’s love. Our youth invited them to come to their youth meetings at our church. We are very happy with the young people in the church. They do bible studies and singing practice regularly. They are also very active in the ministry.

I also talked to the village mayor, to some teachers at school and to the school principle. I testified to them about how God worked in my life. I pray for those people to know personally the Lord. 

Thank you for supporting me in the ministry. Thank you for praying for me. My family is sending you lots of greetings. May the Lord bless you all! 

Love, Preutesa Vasil, pastor missionary in Fagadau and Vanchikauts