November 2017

Dear brothers and sisters,

The church in Fagadau and my family are greeting you in Jesus’ Name!

In November God helped me to share the Gospel to many families in Fagadau and Vanchikauts. I answered to people’s questions explaining what the true faith in Jesus is and invited them to church. I pray for all families I spoke this month.

Our youth prepare songs and poems and visit other churches in the area that need to be encouraged. I am glad that some teens that went to the PIEI camp this summer come regularly with our teens to singing practice and Bible study. At the moment we are working on the Christmas program at church as well we are preparing invitations for people which we will carol during Christmas. We want to share the Gospel of Messiah the Lord, born for the whole world, to all the people in the villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts. We pray for this ministry that more people to open their hearts for the Lord.

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. We wish you Merry Christmas and God’s blessings on you all.

Love, Vasil Preutesa, pastor missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts