June 2017

Dear brothers and sisters,

My family and the church in Fagadau are greeting you with the peace of the Lord!

In June God has helped me to work a lot at spreading the Gospel at people’s houses from Vanchikauts and Fagadau. Those people had two great holidays in the orthodox calendar and I used this opportunity to preach the Gospel to them. On such days people don’t work and I can talk to them confessing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for each of us so that we could turn to our Lord Father. Believing in Him we can have access to Heaven where He went to prepare us a place to be with Him. I pray for each of person who heard the Gospel to be revealed God’s truth to them.

With the youth of the church we do singing practice and Bible study. If God’s will is, this summer we are having a New Testimonial baptism and I do discipleship with the candidates to the baptism. We pray God for this ministry.

Our youth are preparing for the PIEI camp that is in Boian. They have already invited some of their unsaved friends to this camp. We pray for repentance of everybody in the camp. We also pray for the American team, for the leaders who are going to work in this camp, for brother Pavel and Larisa Petihachny, who work in this camp for many years. May the Lord give you health and may He protect you during this camp!

I have to go to Lvov again to meet the surgeon who made the surgery. I don’t know yet what he will tell me, probably they will give me another medicine that is stronger than the ones I am taking at the moment. These ones don’t help anymore. Please pray for me because God is the one who heals without drugs. I trust God and I believe that He will work in Continuare. Thank you for supporting me financially and for praying for me. May the Lord bless you! We love you, pray for you and look forward to meeting you again.

Love, Vasyl Preutesa, Pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts