November 2017

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you in the Lord’s name. By His grace we are still working in the Lord’s vineyard. I do Bible studies with the church members and preach. My wife Alla does Bible study with the teens every Saturday. Also we have Sunday school with children where a lot of unsaved children come to learn about Jesus. One Saturday my wife Alla held a seminary for all Sunday teachers in the district. Most of the members of our church are involved in the personal ministry of people in the town.

The youth of the church are involved in the Praise and Worship service each Sunday. They also are invited by other brothers and sisters who need their help in holding outreaches.

For Christmas we are planning to go out in the centre of our town and carol the passersby. We asked the permission of the leaders of the town and we praise the Lord that they agreed and supported us to do this ministry at Christmas.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support. I wish you lots of blessings through Jesus Christ, the Messiah born in the Bethlehem.

Best regards, Popov Valery