October 2017

By God’s grace we serve the Lord by working among people in the church and in the community. 

In October we celebrated Thanksgiving with the church praising our Lord for all His blessings. 

Also we celebrated Thanksgiving with other churches of our district gathering in the centre of Novoselitsa town. In this way we testified the people in the community about the Lord’s love. The next day we prepared some parcels with food and gave them to the poor families in our town. 

We were happy to take part at a baby devotional in our church. 

We do Sunday school regularly. Also we are happy that some poor children came to Sunday school in our church and we could help them financially. 

The teenagers of the church meet every Saturday for Bible study. I took part in the evangelism with the doctors in Rakitna where I served as a spiritual counselor. I witnessed several people’s repentance at that evangelism. 

May the Lord be blessed for all the works He does through us. 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry in Ukraine.

Be blessed, Valery Popov