December 2017

On the last month of 2017 we served the Lord at church and in our town. At church we organized a children’s meeting where we invited mainly children from poor families who had the opportunity to hear a lesson about Jesus’ Birth. At the end of the program each child received a gift. There were about 30 children. 

Besides we work in the town by sharing Christian brochures. Our youth are going to carol in the centre of our town and in different administrative houses from our town on January 5. They are singing and preparing brochures for this event. On January 7 we will celebrate Christmas. We are going to do a mega outreach in the town centre as well to have Christmas services at church during this holiday. The youth will go caroling at people’s houses in the town. 

Please pray for people in our town to open their hearts and accepting the Gospel to repent. Thank you for the Christmas money gift. Thank you for supporting us financially and spiritually. I wish you a Happy New Year 2018 with our Lord! 

Love, the Popov family