Spreading the Gospel through Song

At the beginning of the month I and a group of singers from our church visited three sick members of our church sharing the Communion with them and confessing the Lord to their family members who are not Christian. Besides the unsaved family members, there came the sick's neighbors who asked us lots of questions concerning the truth in the Bible. At the end we invited everybody to evangelisms that are to be at our church in April, with the occasion of Jesus' Resurrection. We pray for all people who heard the Gospel to be touched by the Holy Spirit. 
A group of singers from a church in Chernivtsy visited our church and served the Lord by singing glory to Him. I am glad that some of the people I had invited to that event answered to my invitation and came to church being able to hear the Gospel. We pray for them. 
Our choir, the youth and children are preparing for the Easter Festival that will be on April 8 at church. We pray that more people will be able to come to church at this event. 
Thank you for all the gifts you gave us: medicine, candy, shoes, bags, soap and other goods that our family enjoyed very much. May the Lord bless you all abundantly! 
We love you and pray for you. Thank you for your prayers and for financial support. Be blessed. 

Love, Alexa Paskari