Ministering to the Sick Through Song

   In April I held a mini evangelism for an old lady from our church, whose children wished for us to come and pray for their mother on her birthday. A group of singers came with me and worshiped the Lord through songs and I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel. We prayed for that lady and her children who are not saved. I also visited other sick people from our church and shared Communion with them, prayed with them and preached the Gospel to their unsaved children, relatives and neighbors.

Reaching the Unsaved

    The youth of our church, the children and our choir were involved in a special program in honor of Easter.   I am glad that many unsaved people came to church and could hear the Gospel on those days. We pray for each of them.  Our choir served at a funeral in Marshentsa, a neighboring village. A lot of people were present at the funeral and heard the Gospel. 
    Our church helped financially a family who lost their house in a fire. We pray the Lord to work on that family's hearts and make them draw nearer Him, our Savior. 
Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! My family is greeting you.

Love, Alexa Paskari