February 2018

As usual I started my ministry in February by sharing Communion with the sick people of our church. Besides an old sister in Jesus asked us to pray for her because it was her birthday. So a small group from the church went and praised the Lord with songs and preached the Gospel at that lady’s house. Her relatives, who are not believers, but who were present there had the possibility to hear the Gospel. They asked us a lot of questions about us that we answered. We invited them to church. We pray for them. 
February was a cold month and the old people couldn’t come to church. That is why we decided to visit and encourage them with the Word of God. 
Our choir served the Lord at a funeral service in a neighboring village, Marshentsa. A sister in the Lord who was involved in the children’s ministry all her life passed away at the age of 68. A lot of people came to the funeral. 
Our church financially helped a family whose house was burned as well a boy who had a very expensive surgery.  
We bought wood for heating at church and the youth gathered it together in the shed. 
We pray for peace in Ukraine, for brothers and sisters in the Lord who live in the war zone. We also pray for our president and the senators to get wisdom from God and lead our country in peace and under the God’s fear.  
We pray for the people in our village to repent. We pray for you and thank the Lord for your prayers and financial support. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! 
My family sends lots of greetings to the Dornbos’ family and to the Stef’s. Be blessed!
Love, Alexa Paskari