June 2017

Dear brothers and sisters

I greet you with the peace of our Lord Jesus!

In June I did the following ministries:

At the beginning of the month I made several mini evangelisms at some sick people from our church. As a result of our visits, an old lady of 80 years old accepted the Lord as her Savior. When she was young she knew the Lord but soon she rejected Him. Now, with tears and sorrow she asked God for forgiveness, because so many years she lost in vain living without God. We prayed for her too and now our youth and members visit her regularly to support her spiritually and materially.

We had two mega outreaches at church. One was with the participation of a group of singers from Arad, Romania and another one was with the participation of the fanfare band from Nedoboivtsy, a village in Novoselitsa district. After those evangelisms a teenager of 16 years old repented. His name is Vasil and he is my neighbor. We pray for him to be strengthened in his faith.

At the moment we are preparing for the children’s day camp that is to be at the end of August. We pray for more unsaved children from the community to come to the camp so that later more children to come to the Sunday school in our church.

Also we are preparing for the PIEI youth camp from Boian that will be this summer. We pray for the American team and for the camp. May the lord bless this ministry!

My family greets the Stef’s family and the Dornbo’s family. Thank you for standing with us in the ministry in Ukraine. Continue to pray for us and for the whole Ukraine.

May the Lord bless you!

Love, your brother in Christ, Paskar Alex