October 2017

In the first week of October I visited three sick members of our church and shared the Communion with them. Their neighbors and relatives who are not saved had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. We pray for all who heard the Gospel to accept the Lord. 

We had a funeral at church where around 50 unsaved people came and heard the Gospel. 

Our choir visited the little church in Malinesht village where we encouraged our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our youth went to an orphanage that is 80 km away from Chernauts. There are 90 children in that orphanage to whom we brought food, clothes and laundry utensils. The children were very happy to see us and the administration thanked us for our help. We are glad that the Kingdom of God is spread in this way too.

Our church raised some money to help 2 children who need surgery abroad. We pray for those children as well for their parents who are not Christian. 

Our children attended a regional children’s conference in Chernauts. They enjoyed being with other children from other churches in the region and learning the Bible.

On October 8th we had our grandson’s baby devotional at church. This is the son of our daughter Alina and her husband Abraham. They called him Alex. Brother Pavel and his wife Larisa were at our celebration too. We also had a lot of guests at church. We pray the Lord to bless Alina and Abraham’s family.

We pray for you and thank you for your support and for everything you do for us. 

My family is sending you warm greetings. May the Lord bless you!

Love, your brother in Christ, Alex Paskar