May 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the USA, I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

In May God has used me in such ministries:

 I went to share the Communion with three members of our church because they are bound to bed by different illnesses. There I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to their unsaved relatives as well to some of their neighbors who were on visit there. Besides my sermon some youth of our church sang some songs. We pray for all who heard the Gospel to be touched by God. 

Our choir visited the church in Malinesht, our neighbor village, where we encouraged our brothers and sisters of that small church. We often visit them because being a few of believers they need our help and support. We pray for Malineshti, a large village with just a few believers. 

Our church supported financially two people who needed serious surgery. We pray for them that God will work on their hearts as they are not believers. 

At church we had a Baby devotional - brother Benjamin’s baby-girl, who has been a leader at the PIEI camp in Boian for several years. We have many young families in our church for which we pray because they are the future of our church.

I finished teaching discipleship lessons to the candidates to Baptism that is planned to be in July. We pray for this ministry too. 

We also pray for the PIEI camp planned for July-August. We pray for the American team, for the camp leaders, for the teens that will come to camp, for peace in our country and for God’s protection under this camp. We believe that God will work wonderfully and He will bless the lessons and the Holy Spirit will touch the campers’ hearts as He is Almighty, praise Him!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and being with us in our ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice and bless you after His great Grace!

Receive lots of greetings from my family. 

Love, Paskari Alexa