Opportunities to Help

We have many projects underway that you might be interested in helping fund.  If you are interested in a particular project contact us or give to the special fund undesignated and it will be used according to the immediacy of the project.  Large and small amounts are gratefully accepted.

Acct. #30,100      General Ministry Funds

Acct. #30,200      Special Projects, designate what project you would like to invest in:

  • Tamil Nadu Church Church building for State of Tamil Nadu, $1,750.00 Needed

  • Church Parsonage Two Church parsonages at $9600 each

  • Bethany School Bethany English Medium School, 3rd floor, $30,000

  • Orissa Church Building Still need $6,285.00

Acct. #30,400     Kerala Baptist Bible College

Acct. #30,700     National Director