Kerala Baptist Bible College & Seminary

Discipleship with Scholarship since 1991.  The college offers four-year Bachelor Degrees in Theology and Christian Education and two-year Master's Degrees in Divinity and Missiology, all in the English language.  In 2016 there are 54 students from 13 different states, each state having their own language.  Therefore, English is spoken exclusively on campus. 

Our faculty is very committed. They are academically and experientially qualified teachers who are eager to instruct our students in the Word of God.  They are mentors and models of what they teach in the classroom.

We believe that our students are the next generation of pastors, teachers, evangelists and missionaries.  Many of our graduates are serving the Lord all over India.  The majority of our students are unable to pay their fees.  They receive a work scholarship to help them pay $55 per month.  It is only with your partnership that these students are able to receive a higher education.  You may help by providing a scholarship for a student of $55 per month.

PRAYER REQUEST:  That each of the students will be fully committed to following Christ with their whole heart.

Ministry Update:

  • Fifteen Graduates of Kerala Baptist Bible College and Seminary with faculty and gust.
  • One of the graduates is from the State of Assam.  He is a gifted musician.  He is planning to attend a music school for six months and then return to his home town to serve his church as a Pastor.
  • Two of the lady graduates are from the Northeastern part of India and looking to go into ladies ministry.  Another lady graduate is from the State of Punjab and we are anxious to hear how God is going to use these three ladies in the days ahead.
  • We had our first graduate from one of our States in India.   Severe poverty led this gentleman to leave his parents eight years ago.  His job and money caused him to turn to alcohol and he became an alcoholic.  He found the Lord while working in New Delhi.  Upon graduation he will return home.  He wants to be an evangelist.  He is already a great preacher.
  • Another graduate, who is the first graduate from another State in India, wants to be a pastor.  His family belongs to another faith.  Only his sister is a believer.  She and her husband sent him to us.  He was an excellent student and a great servant.  He said after coming he realized he had to wear a dress shirt to class and he did not have any.  "Sitting on my bed all sad, another student came to me and I told him my situation.  He said, 'Come'.  He opened his bag and told me, 'Brother, these are your clothes.'"  He studied on full scholarship.  THANK YOU FOR GIVING.
  • An extension of Kerala Baptist Bible College is the Baptist Institute of Theological Studies in the State of Punjab (north India)focusing only to prepare and encourage young people for planting Christ-centered Bible-believing churches in North Indian states.  This is a school in Hindi medium.  The first graduation was March 8, 2018.  Five young men are prepared to go out and plant churches.
  • We had all the college staff and family over for a time of prayer, sharing and food. It's team work all the way.