Church Planting Ministry

Church planting is a very important part of the work of PIEI-India and is being carried out in five states.  Students from the college and missionaries go out door to door sharing Christ with people and starting Bible studies in villages and neighborhoods.  When a sufficient number of people are involved, we start a new church with the goal of winning more people to the Lord and discipling the believers in that location.  We are ministering to people who are working day by day for a daily wage and sometimes they do not even have work.  It is very important for the pastor/missionary to have financial help from PIEI-India ministry in order to be able to spend time doing the work of a pastor.  Pastors are partially or totally supported in the amount of $100 per month.  Please help us in this all-important task.

PRAYER REQUEST:  Persecution is being carried on in many different forms.  One state in particular has had burnings of churches and murders.  Pray that each Christian can stand firm.  They are being coerced to return to Hinduism.