October 2017

We lived another month in which we could see God’s blessings abundantly. In October I preached 17 sermons at our church, I organized the outreach with the participation of the doctors-volunteers as well as another outreach held at church with the participation of some brothers from Romania. Besides I preached at two funerals, one in Rakitna, my village and another one in a village called Kolinkauts. I served the Lord in another village called Terebleche where I served as a spiritual counselor to the unsaved people in that village. 

On October 7th and 8th, 23 doctors-volunteers came from Kiev in our village and checked people prescribing them medicine for free. 380 people were consulted by the doctors and talked to the spiritual consulters. As a result of this evangelism two people accepted the Lord and other 4 come regularly to church. 

On October 14th we had evangelism at church and the building of the church was full. We are praying for all the people who heard the Gospel that day. 

I and my family serve the Lord at church and we thank God for His grace of using us as His tools. Please pray that through everything we do may the Lord take all His glory. May His peace be with you!

Love, Kioresko Gregory