June 2017

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you with the peace of the Lord Jesus! Thank you for standing with me in the ministry. I always thank God for you in my prayers and thank you for your sacrifice! May God be your great reward!

By God’s grace we have lived one more month in which I had the opportunity to preach 17 sermons at church, made eight pastoral visits and visited a friend of mine who is not saved and with whom discussed very seriously. I also visited my brother in law’s family, Anatol and Valentina. Duering three years they didn’t want me to tell them about Jesus, or even to have friendly relationships, nevertheless of being relatives. This month he called me himself and asked me to visit them. I visited them twice. His wife is sick and he had a heart strike. We talked a lot about salvation through Jesus Christ. Please, pray for this family; pray for Anatol and Valentina to repent.

With the youth we are preparing for the PIEI camp in Boian and for the children’s day camp that will be in Rakitna in the middle of August. Please, pray for this ministry. We still don’t have gifts for the children’s day camp in Rakitna. Pray for this problem also.

We praise the Lord that our family is well. We are healthy and ready for the ministry. Through God we can do everything because He strengthens us.

Love, the Kioresko’s family