November 2017

Kioresko Grigory

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you with the peace of the Lord, Who is our peace as well.

By God’s grace we lived this month in which we felt His great goodness. God has helped me to preach 17 sermons at church and a sermon at a funeral in Kolinkauts, a village not far from our village. I also spoke twice this month with a MP of our country. This man is very busy and rarely can find five minutes to talk to somebody, but God allowed us to talk for an hour. Then he asked me for another encounter. I don’t know whether there is somebody who can tell him about Jesus, but I praise the Lord for the opportunity to tell him about my Savior and God’s love to the world. Last spring he came to our church once and liked the service a lot, but since then he has problems with his wife because she is very orthodox and didn’t come anymore. Please, pray for this man and his wife. His name is Gregory Timish. Besides this MP I spoke to other 8 people and made 5 pastoral visits. Also every Wednesday I visited the church in Forosna, a little village not far from Rakitna. Please, pray for this church as there are big problems in the church.

We rejoice that a family, who attend the church for a while, accepted the Lord as their Savior. Please pray for Vasil and Tatiana, to be strengthened in their faith and decision. We have also 5 other unsaved people who attend regularly the church and with whom we made friends but still they haven’t decided themselves for the Lord. We pray for all the visitors of the Lord. Please, join with us in prayer for them.

Please pray for me to follow the Lord’s will only and always be at His disposal. Please pray for my family as well to stand strong and face the devil’s arrows, as He knows very well our path. We need your prayer.

Love, Kioresko Gregory