February 2018

February was a beautiful month in which we could work for the Lord and His Kingdom. We had the opportunity to organize an outreach with some Romanian preachers. Our youth and the choir praised the Lord with songs on that event. There were unsaved people from the community for whom we pray to be touched by the Holy Spirit.
Our youth attended a youth district meeting where they had a study entitled “The Lord’s coming”. The study makes us think about our soul’s condition and prepare ourselves to meet the Lord. With a team of brothers and sisters from our church we went to a funeral in Stalinest, a village in our district. The church in that village is so small that they cannot hold such works alone.  It was a right opportunity to preach the Gospel to lots of unsaved people in that village.
The young ladies of our church visited all the old people of the church who cannot come to church because they are bound to beds. They filmed and photographed their visits and then shared their videos to the whole church. The sick and old people were encouraged by those young ladies and the church was motivated to visit them more often. I wish the young generation grows spiritually and gets ready for the harder times that are coming due to the devil.  Thank you for supporting the ministry in Ukraine. You are a blessing to us and I wish the Lord take care of all your needs, according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:19).

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai