Women Unite in Prayer

I praise the Lord Who cared for us and for His ministry this month. At the beginning of the month the ladies in the church united with other sisters in Christ all around Ukraine in prayer on the topic: "The faith that we must convey to our descendants." They read the example that apostle Paul stated in his book about Timothy's mother Eunice and Grandmother Lois who had a sincere faith. At the end of their meeting they collected money and sent it for the ministry in Ukraine. 
I attended a conference in Chernovtsy for church leaders on the topic: "The Discipline in the Church." 
Moreover the young families of our church invited other unsaved families to the local restaurant for a meal where besides delicious food they had the opportunity to hear the Word of God and Christian songs and poems. It was a wonderful atmosphere where everybody remained pleased and happy. We pray for all unsaved families who were at the restaurant to be investigated by God. 
Our choir, the youth and the children get involved in the ministry visiting other small churches in the district and encouraging the Christians there. By any ministry we do we wish to give glory to only our Lord and the unsaved people to accept Jesus in their hearts. Our church raised money for the little boy who has cancer and who had two surgeries this month. We keep praying for him. 
Thank you for supporting us financially and working with us. You are a blessing to us and a big encouragement.  I wish to keep working together for the Glory of God. We love you and always pray for you.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai