January 2018

We started 2018 with God and we asked His mercy and guidance to accompany us throughout the year. We lived blessed and beautiful moments in the first month of the year in which we spread the Gospel abundantly. At Christmas we went caroling at the people’s houses in the village. Also our services at church are streamed live and many people in the village watch them. I pray for all people to be touched by the Holy Spirit to change their hearts.

I have told you previously that we pray for a little boy who has cancer and that his grandmother started to come to church. I want to inform you that God is at work. His Granny accepted the Lord and comes regularly to the prayer circle. We continue to pray for this family and for the little boy. We ask God to give that family body and soul healing so they could glorify Him.

Thank you for working with us and for praying for us. You are a great help and encouragement to us. Thanks to the Stef family, the Goldston family for the holiday greetings and for the money gift. We wish you God’s blessings during the year 2018.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai