December 2017

We finally reached the end of 2017. It was a blessed year that we lived by God’s grace. He was with us through all the ministries helping us and leading us with kindness and love. That’s why we praise and glorify Him. One of such blessed times was December, when we felt God’s presence and guidance working with us through us and for us. 

December is the first winter month and we have less work in the fields but more time for visiting the sick, the old and other members of our church. This kind of ministry is great and beautiful because through encouraging the sick, the old and the weak I am strengthened myself. 

A few months ago a sister in the Lord asked us to pray for a baby 18 months old who has brain cancer. We prayed with the church and at the prayer circles for this baby and for its parents. This month the baby’s grandmother started to come to the prayer circle first and later to our services. Please, join with us in prayer for the baby’s granny who started to come to church, for his young parents who pass through such great difficulty and for the baby itself to be healed. 

In the last week of December we had a time for prayer at church every day. We prayed for the ministry in our church, for pastors and missionaries and for our spiritual growth. During this time we had the opportunity to draw nearer to the Lord.

Thank you for being part of the ministry in Ukraine. Thank you as only through your help and support we can be useful to others. We love you, pray for you and wish you a blessed year. 

Love, Gortopan Mihai