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Ukraine Camp Testimonies 2018


At this camp there were 120 children and youth, four teachers from the U.S. two teachers from Romania, and 20 national leaders from Ukraine. In total there were 146 in attendance at the Camp.

Andrei Pascari, 15 years old, Rachitna Village

I am so happy that I have been in this Camp where I had the opportunity to study the Word of God. In my case my parents are believers, but I have never studied God’s Word this deep as I have at this Camp. This is not because of my parents, but because I did not have a desire to read nor to understand the Bible before. At Camp I attended sister Patricia’s class where she taught apologetics so very clearly. I was stunned how I have never knew those things before. Now I know how to defend my faith in God Almighty who created the heavens and the earth and who has created us so wonderfully. I was so happy that brother Pavel made an invitation to repentance and I made the decision to follow the Lord Jesus at all times and everywhere. May the Lord be praised. Thank you for inviting me to attend the Camp “The Candle”.

Edgar Bordian, 19 years old, Rachitna Village

This is my 4th year that I have been attending the Christian Camp. I love being here so much. It is a totally different atmosphere than in the secular, non-Christian Camps, where you hear only bad things and debauchery. I myself am from a non-Christian family. My father does not believe in God, and my mother is afraid of my father. You can imagine what kind of life is going on in my family. As I attended these Christian Camps I was exposed to a different kind of life and I have seen different people who love God. However, the main thing for me is that studying the Word of God I have found the true God. The Lord Jesus revealed Himself to me that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Praise be to Him.

I know that as I am going home I will face resistance from my father, but I am praying that the Lord will help me walk on this way with faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me and pray that I can also witness my Lord Jesus through His Word to my parents also through my new life. Thank you for this wonderful Camp.

Daniel Oberst, 18 years old, Nesfoia Village

How happy I am that I received the Lord Jesus in my heart! It was a wonderful Camp filled with the grace of Jesus Christ. Everything was wonderful: the study about creation from Dr. Jackie, praise and worship time at night, sports games. I loved to play “shahmate” (a local variation of chess) with some of my friends who also loved this game. Last Sunday I went to church in my village and went in the front of the congregation, because I wanted to show my repentance in front of the church also. I have already requested to enroll in the catechesis to prepare for the believers’ baptism. I have a strong desire – from my whole heart – to – follow the Lord who has loved me so much. I thank the Lord and to all of you for this Camp.

Dan Statnic, 19 years old, Rachitna Village

In my family my mother is a believer, but my father does not want to become a believer. I attended last year camp in Boian and responded to the call to repentance, but I had so many temptations and trials in my life since that time. The Holy Spirit has searched me this year once again at this camp and I am happy to say that the Lord not only searched me but has also cleansed me of my sins through His holy blood. I studied God’s Word in sister Patricia Grupp’s class. It was wonderful. I received peace in my heart. I pray that the Lord will help me to stay on His path. That you all for this Camp.

Daniel Vatamanita, 14 years old, Nesfoia Village

I am so happy that I attended this Christian Camp. I have Christian parents, but lately I have become very disobedient of my parents and of God. The Lord has searched me at this Camp during the lessons taught by sister Gabi ad brother Daniel. I did not have the courage to let them know, but in the last day the Lord gave me the courage to come forward together with the other young people. I know and I believe that the Lord has forgiven me, praise Him. I understood that the book – the Bible – the Word of God should never depart from me. The Word of God is the right direction for me. I thank all of you who prayed for me. Thank you for this Camp. Be blessed!

Dima Ciobanu, 17 years old, City of Chernivtsi

I studied the Word of God in sister Jackie’s class. It was wonderful to find so much Truth in the Creation of God. Praise to God, Praise the Lord, for His Word searched me and the Holy Spirit woke me to repentance. In my family, my parents are not believers, and they were not happy about my decision to become a “repenter”, especially my mother, but I am praying for them that the Lord will work in their hearts. Please pray for me that the Lord will keep me strong in my faith and that I can be a witness to others and tell others about the love of God. Thank you so much for inviting me to this Camp. May the Lord bless you!

Samuel Dumbrava, 13 years old, Nesfoia Village

Praise the Lord that He has searched me through His Word at this Camp. I studied the Word of the Lord in the class of sister Gabi, and Petrut family, Daniel and Rahela. After this study I started to search the Word more profoundly and with more love, for I have found so much about the love of God for the whole world. In the last evening the Lord gave me the courage to confess my sins and I am happy that I am washed through the blood of Jesus and forgiven. Praise to God. Thank the Lord and to you all for this Camp.

Andrei Gontiuc, 13 years old Mamaliga Village

I am Samuel’s cousin and together we attended the same class at this Camp (the class of sister Gabi, and Petrut family, Daniel and Rahela). I liked the bible study very much, but I liked the whole program at Camp very much. I thank the Lord that he has also searched me at this Camp through His Word. May the Lord help me to continue in faith and in love on His way. Thanking you all very much.

Valentina, 17 years old, City of Chernivtsi

I come from a family of non-believers, but I am an University student and I attend the University of Chernivtsi together with Dima Ciobanu with a major in computers / informatics. Dima invited me to come to this camp and I did not make a mistake by coming. I was in Dr. Jackie’s class who has explained the subject of Apologetics so clearly. For me everything was totally new in this camp. I had no idea that in our days there are these kinds of camp so interesting.

Praise the Lord for His calling. I have never thought at the beginning of this camp that I would repent. However, at the end, I came forward with my friend Dima, so that we can repent. This thing nobody can explain, only the person who experiences this change himself or herself. Truly the Spirit of God did a wonderful work that evening, praise the Lord. Now I search the Word of God. I give thanks to sister Jackie who gave me a Bible. May the Lord bless you!

Gabriela Tozlovan, 11 years old, City of Chernivtsi

I am so happy that I came to this camp. The Lord spoke to me in a special way through His Word this week. When sister Gabi asked us to write a desire, something we desire to change in our lives, on a sticky note and put it on the board on the large hand (representing the Hands of God) I wrote this desire: Lord, help me to repent and become obedient to You and my parents. The Lord heard my prayer, praise be to Him! I pray for my twin sister Daniela that she would also repent. We read the Bible each morning and pray together. I thank you very much for this camp. May God bless you.

These are only a few of the many testimonies that the young people have been converted have written. There was a lot of effort and work that was done at this Camp, from the U.S. and Romania team as well as the national leadership team, but it was all worth it, for even the angels in heaven sing with joy for these children and young people who have been saved through the saving sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He help them all walk with Him step by step.

Pasha Gorobcik, 13 years old, City of Noua Sulita

I am so happy that I could attend the Christian Camp “The Candle”. My parents are not believers, but I trust that God will work at their hearts in the same way he worked in my own heart at this Camp. The Word of God is very important. It has much power. I am so happy that God searched me during the last evening and I repented. Thank you for the Bible. The Lord be praised!

Anna Gutan, 14 years old, City of Noua Sulita

This is my second time at this camp, but this year God, through His Word has searched me very deeply. I cried tears of joy when I received the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I also told the pastor of the church in my town. Yes, brother Valerii, I truly repented! May the Lord be praised for He had grace toward me and towards many others just like me at this camp! Thank you and may the Lord bless you!

Melana Popovici, 14 years old, City of Noua Sulita

I was an atheist in my soul until I came to this Christian Camp. The teaching about evolution convinced me early from school. However, at this camp I started to study apologetics, and all these proofs have shattered my atheism. Now I study the Bible (thank you for the Bible) and I am wondering how I could have believed all these lies about evolution!? Now I am firmly convinced that God truly exists and is real and that He created the whole Universe and all humanity so marvelously! My parents are against me that I became a Christian, although they did not even know for all this time that I was an atheist! I told them all of these now, after I repented and became a believer. I pray that God will help me to remain faithful to Him to the end. Thank you for this Camp.

Nadia Brebin, 9 years old, Dinauti Village

I attended the Bible lessons with sister Gabi and Petrut family. I enjoyed very much the songs and the bible verses. At the end I decided to give my little heart to Jesus who loves me so much and who died for me. May God bless you!

Andrei, 14 years old, Tarasauti Village

I became orphaned, lost my mother since I was 6 years old. I am happy that my oldest sister became a believer two years ago and she invited me to come to this Christian Camp at Boian. I am so happy that I also understood the Truth from the Holy Word the Bible. I was touched on the last evening and searched and when the invitation was made I received the Lord Jesus in my heart. What a great blessing for my family! Now, together with my sister, we will pray for my father so that he will, too repent. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you for this Camp.

Dima Ohremov, 15 years old and Andriana Ohremova 14 years old, Marshinti Village

We are brother and sister (by blood/family) we received this invitation to come to camp and we thank you very much. It was a wonderful Camp, but we are most happy that we both received the Lord Jesus in our hearts and became brother and sister through the blood of our Lord Jesus who have made us part of His family forever, praise Him. Our parents do not understand us, because they did not experience the same joy, because they did not repent, they are not believers. We pray for them that the Lord will also search them. Be blessed!

Bible Study Classes

Dr. Jackie Wunderly: Apologetics Class for Youth and Young Adults with Noemini Popova as interpreter (Russian- Ukrainian)

Patricia Grupp: Apologetics Class for Youth and Young Adults English with translation into Romanian with Alina Martsinyuk as interpreter (Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian)

Pastor Pavel Petihacinii and Cornel Stef: Book of Joshua to youth

Gabi Stef and Pastor Daniel Petrut: a series of Bible lessons to Celebrate- a New Life in Christ, The Enemy’s Defeat, Victory over sin and Life’s Problems, a Friendship with God, a Life of Prayer, from the Lives of Bible heroes to ours; also learning to discern fact from opinion as the kids begin to learn how to defend their faith. This class was helped by Pastor Daniel’s wife Rahela and several national leaders coordinated by Tania Negrudni. Many of the children were touched and several accepted the Lord as their personal Savior.

Camp Activities

In the afternoons the campers had free time to participate to different sports, games, swimming pool, chess, etc. After dinner there was a two hour assembly of praise and worship in the outdoor meeting area, with singing, testimonies, skits, a short message, all for the glory of God. Many other people would come to this time of worship from the surrounding villages, young people who were unable to attend the camp due to work. There were also some alumni who came to attend the evening services.

On the last evening Pastor Daniel Petrut had an evangelistic message where he clearly presented the gospel and challenged the campers to make a decision for Christ. Pastor Pavel asked those who made decisions to come forward so that they can be prayed for and identified, so that the leaders can be praying for them and the local pastors could follow up with each of them after camp was over, in their own villages, engaging them in bible studies and church attendance.

God has given much grace as about 60 children and youth came forward and responded to the call. The pastors prayed for them and all the leaders came to encourage them. Everyone was so happy.

We received many phone calls from many of the children’s parents thanking us for such a wonderful camp where the children have enjoyed a God fearing camp and gave their lives to Christ.

We thank all those who sponsored this camp. We could not have done it without your contribution and partnership. The prices are very high here, the salaries are very small. God put on your hearts to help us financially, with supplies, we thank you from our hearts, may God reward you richly through His wonderful blessings.

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