1.       To work on making disciples, so that the churches that are pastored by the PIEI missionaries can double their number of saved youth, adolescents, and children.

a.       To prepare disciples through the Theological Institute and Bible Institute and send them to locations where there are no Evangelical Christian churches.

2.       To work with the refugees from the war zone with Russia (and who settled in our parts); to help them with food items, clothing, otc medication, and also to teach them and engage them in bible studies.  For the most recent refugee arrivals, to help them find a place to live and also help them find jobs.

3.       To continue to work with the orphan children in the three locations: the orphanage in Chernivtsi where there are 200 children between 5-17 years old, and two others in Hotin, a small town 50 km away from Chernivtsi, where there are over 350 children.  We need to help them by providing school supplies, clothing, shoes, food items, and what it is so very important to us, it is to teach Christian Ethics in these locations.

4.       To continue to organize a yearly event, "The Orphans' Christmas Celebration", where we involved all the families who have adopted 7 to 10 children from the orphanage, also include the 50 children from the Children's Home (these are children who have been abandoned by their parents).

a.       To organize children's day camps in all the villages in the Noua Sulitza district so that the Sunday School classes in our churches would increase

5.       To organize mass evangelistic events in Public Culture Houses in the villages where there are no evangelical churches or the churches are very small, so that we would encourage and help these small churches to grow spiritually and in numbers.

6.       To organize two Medical evangelistic Events this fall with the team of doctors from Kiev.  They plan to come and hold evangelistic meetings and give out medical appointments for the next day. Two days in a row they will offer medical examinations with treatments, counseling, eye glasses, etc.  Our pastors will be there to offer spiritual counseling and answer questions. 

7.       To organize women's meetings in all the churches, where they can have fellowship, Bible study, prayer to God for His work and for their families.

8.    To organize house-to house evangelistic meetings throughout the ivllages where there are no Christian churches with the purpose of church planting.