September Update- Pavel Petihachny

In September I was involved in charity of 185 orphans who are adopted by Christian families and who are in need. I provided them everything they needed for school. They all send thanks to all families from America who helped them with these goods.

I preached at an outreach in Tarasauts church where three young brothers were ordained as deacons. The church was full. There were many unsaved people from the village, who were invited at this event. 

We have already bought a house in a village called Sherbintsa, for a numerous family from Luhansk. They were so happy to enter the house! They all serve the Lord in the local church too. 

I and my wife visited an old lady of 87 years old whose name is Alexandra and who lives in a nursing home. We’ve known her for a long time, and many times we told her that she needed Jesus, but she always rejected our words. We prayed for her a lot and continued to tell her about Jesus. Only after she was thrown away from her house by her granddaughter, and when she was forced to live in a nursing home, she understood that she needed Jesus. On our last visit she accepted the Lord in her heart. A few days later, after our visit she passed away. We are glad that she had time to get saved. Through this case God showed us that He loves the world and wants each person to be saved. All things work together for good to those who love Him.                                                          

Best wishes, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny