September Update- Mihai Gortopan

September was a beautiful fall month in which again, we had the opportunity to confess Christ to the unsaved people. At the beginning of the month we had two funerals in our church, where we had the opportunity to preach the Gospel and evangelize the unsaved relatives of the deceased. I pray for the people who heard the Gospel to be touched by the Holy Spirit and accept the Lord in their hearts. We also had a celebration in our church when three young, courageous and energetic brothers were ordered as deacons. I pray for them to be always disposable for the work they were called by our Lord. 

On the last Sunday of September we thanked the Lord for the Harvest He has blessed us. It was a special service, where everybody willing to praise God took part at it. The children, the youth and the choir prepared a special praise and worship program with songs and poetry. The message was a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord for His care and guidance, for the rich harvest that He has blessed us this year. 

By any event that is held in our church I wish the Lord’s name to be glorified, the believers to be spiritually built and the unsaved to be saved. 

Thank you a lot for working with us. You are a great blessing and a great support to us. We are grateful to you for the work you do. We love you and pray for you.

Best regards, Mihai Gortopan