September Update- Grigory Kioresko

This month I and the young men from our church chopped wood for two old widows. Another widow we helped to cut down the corn from her garden. The widows thanked the Lord for being in the Christ’s church and for the wonderful care provided by brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord for this!

Also I continue to lead the church choir and I do Bible study with the youth of the church. I didn’t take a definite subject for the study with the youth at the moment; I let them to put questions on the subjects they are interested most and we try to find out the answer in the Bible. I am glad for the three teenagers, who were in Boian at the PIEI camp this summer as they come regularly to church and to the Bible study. 

We pray for them and please, join with us in prayer for them. Their names are Eduard, Petro and Stanislaw.  Their parents aren’t Christian, but we believe that if their children are Christian, then they will become Christians too. 

At the end of the month we had a great evangelism at Harvest celebration. We prepared a beautiful program and thanked the Lord for the blessings of this year. We also had guests from the community who heard the Gospel very carefully and for whom we pray to be touched by the Lord. After the church service all the fruits and vegetables, and the cakes were sent to the orphanage for disabled children from Mahala, a village in our province and to the psychiatric hospital from Chernovtsy. 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. We pray for you, your families and for your churches. May the Lord bless you and reward your sacrifice! My family sends you lots of greetings and thanks. 

Love, Kioresko Grigory