September Update- Alexa Paskari

In September, besides serving the local church, my ministry included pastoral visits, home evangelisms, sick’s visits and share the Communion to the sick members of the church. This time I and our youth visited a sick lady of our church who lives with her children in Chernovtsy. There I preached the Gospel and answered to all questions that her children asked me about our faith. We pray for this young family to open their hearts for Jesus and to know the Real Truth of our Lord.

In the middle of September our choir visited the church in Marshentsa where we celebrated the Harvest Day. Sisters and brothers of that church thanked us for helping them with the praise and worship service, and we all thanked God for His wonderful blessings. 

At the end of September we celebrated the Harvest day in our local church. We thanked God for all His spiritual and material gifts. We had some guests from the community. Our youth had a beautiful praise and worship program. I am glad that the children who were at PIE camp last summer in Boian, come regularly to Sunday school and take part in church programs along with our children. We pray for these children.

After the service, all the food and vegetables were shared to the sick from Chernovtsy hospital and to the children from the orphanage for disabled children from Mahala. There were around 100 of children who enjoyed the food we brought them, especially the cakes, cookies and fruit. Also on that day we helped with money a big family from a village from Chernivtsy province, Krasna, who was in need. Praise the Lord for all His blessings!

Thank you for supporting us in such hard times created in our country. Continue to pray for our country. My family sends warm greetings to Dornbos’ family and the Stef’s family. We love you and pray for you. 

Love, your brother in Christ, Alexa Paskari