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My name is Traian Nemes, I am a missionary at Partners in Evangelism International / Romania .

I graduated from Betania Bible College Sibiu, and today, through the grace of the Lord, I serve in 3 churches, in the villages: Bucerdea-Vinoasa, Sard and Telna, in Alba County.

In these localities, together with the sister brothers in the pastoral circle, we are involved in 3 projects: Church Planting, Social and Construction.

About Ministry

Church Planting

We want to plant churches in 2 localities where there are no Evangelical churches or members. We formed 2 teams, with 2 leaders in the two localities, each leader forming a team with which they are involved in the church planting work.

In the first phase of this work, we have been involved in prayers, for a period of one year we went to these villages, on the streets, and we prayed for each house and family. After this period, we began to regularly go on Sunday between church programs, in teams of 2 people, and talk to the people on the streets. We tried to enter in the people's homes, so far we have not succeeded, but we will continue, and we pray that we will find a family to open their house for us, to continue the church planting work.


I think it is a way we can get closer to people to present Him: evangelism through the needs method, according to our Lord Jesus. We are approaching the poor with problems and needs, we are involved in the solution but also the presentation of Jesus and the gospel.


At this moment in Telna, we started building a two-room house, who bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, for a poor family with 2 children, they have no place to live. We want to be a living testimony in Telna through this work, first of all for this family, and for the whole village. The children of this family attend to the Church in Telna, at Bible School, and participate in the Christian summer camps organized by us.

We also have a project to build Churches in the towns of Mesentea and Benic, Alba County, we are currently looking for a land or a home to build a place where we can continue the work of evangelization and worship.

Vision for the next 5 years: We want the Church of Bucerdea-Vinoasa, which has 14 members to grow to at least 50 members, and for the Mesentea and Benic communities, Lord to help us in this process of planting churches, to build a Church for meetings in these localities.

Prayer requests

  • For me and my family - we know that the evil's desire is to attack the leaders, the servants: For vision, guidance, health.

  • For the Orthodox Priests from these localities who stop our work with children - Every Friday we meet Telna with a group of children - Pray that this work will continue and this work will reach the hearts of the parents.

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