Spreading the Gospel in the villages of Mesentea and Benic

We organized an evangelistic crusade in the towns of Mesentea and Benic, where we offered New Testaments free of charge. We talked to people about Jesus.

I am glad that they were very receptive and gladly received the Word of God.

Thank you to all who support me in prayer and financialy.

Prayer requests:

* for those who have received the New Testament - to read and understand

* for those with whom we talked about Jesus to make a decision to follow Him

God bless you!

Tani Nemes

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VBS in Telna

With the help of the Lord, we organized in August two week-long VBS in Telna. About 70 children aged between 6 and 14 participated daily.

For 10 children aged 10 to 14 we supported their expenses and sent them to Somesul Rece camp.

I am very happy as two girls, Denisa and Dalia have decided to follow the Lord.

Thanks to those who support me in prayer and financial.

Prayer requests:

* for Denisa and Dalia to remain firm in her decision

* for continuity in work with the youth

* for the team who works with children and youth . For wisdom and vision

God bless you!

Childrens Ministry / Evangelism Services

I thank the Lord that we started 2018 well. We had 25 children attend Bible School. We continue to meet with them every Friday, and we pray that this number would increase. I am glad to see them participate with joy. They have permission from their parents to attend. We pray for the parents that they would get to know God through their children.

Beginning on Jan 7th we had a week of prayer with the churches in the area. In Bucerdea we had three evangelistic evenings where non-believers participated. The church building was filled to the brim. Together with the church we are now fasting and praying that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for salvation. At Telna, together with the sisters group, we continue to visit the sick, to encourage them and talk to them about Lord Jesus. We want, in this way, to be a testimony for the people in the village, and so, the Name of the Lord would be glorified. With the church in Telna, we are engaged in a daily prayer chain, two people at the same time. We pray for the children’s ministry and for a week of evangelism in February.

I thank God for the support in serving, and to Trinity Church and everyone supporting us financially and spiritually.

Prayer Needs:

-           For the children’s park project in Telna

-           For the children who participate in Bible School

-           For the youth team who works with the children: vision and strategies in the ministry

-           For the non-believers who participated in the evangelism service in Bucerdea


Spreading the Good News of the Birth of Jesus

This month we were glad to be with our children celebrating the birth of our Lord, and then at New Year’s Eve, on a short vacation. As I usually do, fulfilling James 1:27, I visited and took food to the needy and poor. Through these charity acts, the Lord is glorified, and we pray that they would be fruitful. We had a wonderful time together at Telna with youth, brothers and sisters, and a brother from England who had been with us at the summer camp in June 2017. After the church service we planned the summer camp for 2018. With God’s help, we want to set up a play park for the children in the village, on the church’s property. We plan to add benches for the parents and grandparents to sit on while watching the children play. This is a pretty expensive project, and I pray that God would help us get it done. Through this action we can be a good testimony for the children and parents. In December, together with a group of brothers and sisters, we took the good news of the birth of Lord Jesus to many families in Telna, Sard, Bucerdea and Mesentea. We pray that those who have heard the carols would be changed by the Holy Spirit and convicted of their need for Him. For all the help we receive, we are thankful to the Lord and to Trinity Church, and to all who support us to complete projects.

Prayer Support:

§  To build the small park for children, in Telna

§  For the youth and those who work with the children: vision and work strategies

§  For the children who participate in our meetings, and their parents

To all in the PIE Organization, wishing you a new year filled with blessings and fruit for His glory!


November 2017

I thank God because throughout 2017 I felt His guidance and power in the mission work. I also thank Trinity Church fo r their faithfulness and constant support for me in the mission field. Thanks for all the help you have provided in prayer and with finances, much needed support. I thank God for all the workers in the PIE Organization, and I pray that the Lord would give us an even more fruitful year, along with increased spiritual and material resources.


In November, we continued the mission work in Mesentea. We are taking a break until Christmas when we plan to go caroling. We have to interrupt the work because we don’t have a house where to meet anymore, and during winter, we don’t get to connect with people in the street as they stay in.

With the Lord’s help, we prepared a team of youth who will be involved in the children’s ministry in Telna, and we believe that God will bring much fruit in the life of the children there.

We visited the sick, those who are part of the church. We had great fellowship with them at Communion, and I am glad that every year I have the opportunity to speak about the Lord Jesus to the non-believers in the family. The daughter of one of our sisters from Sard, named Nadina, started attending church every Sunday. The same for the husband of another sister from church. We pray that the Lord would help them stay consistent. I also make sure that the widows and the sick have sufficient wood to warm up their houses this winter.

Prayer Support:

o   To find a family in Mesentea and Benic who would open their house so that we can continue the mission work even during winter

o   For Nadina and Gheorghe, to stay constant in their attendance and to decide for the Lord

o   For the youth team who plan to work with children, that the Lord would give them vision and wisdom.

We want to wish you all peace and joy as you enjoy the holiday with your family, under God’s guidance.

October 2017

Thanks be to God for the meeting on Oct 21st with the missionaries and pastors in the PIE Organization, at the Christian Center in Alba-Iulia! I greatly enjoy the fellowship in the Word, and the special atmosphere that the Holy Spirit created.


We celebrated Thanksgiving in Sard, Telna and Bucerdea, where we invited music groups who provided special praise and worship time. We thanked God for everything He gave us this year. Many brothers and sisters from other churches participated, along with friends (non-believers) from the village. We learned that, beside the materials blessings, the most wonderful gift is the Lord Jesus. We pray that those who are not saved would choose Jesus as Lord and Savior.

We visited brothers and sisters who are sick, and had fellowship with them through Communion. I thank God that, while visiting the sick, I can talk about Jesus to those who are not Christian in their homes. I am glad that the daughter of one of our sisters from Sard came to church the following Su nday, and promised that she would continue to come. Her husband said that he wanted to start a new life with Jesus. We pray that the Lord would free him from smoking.

At Mesentea, I continued the mission work. We pray to find a family who would receive us. Winter is starting and we want to be able to continue the work inside a home.

Thanks to Brother Carl and to Trinity Church for the support in prayer and with finances.

Prayer Support:

-   For the non-believers who participated in the Thanksgiving celebration, to be convicted by the Holy Spirit of their need for Jesus

-   For Nadina who came to church, to stay steadfast in her decision, and for her father who indicated he wanted to also go to church

-   To find a house in Mesentea where we can continue the mission work during winter

May God bless you!

September 2017


It has been awhile since I shared updates about the work in the pastoral group. I was away with my wife to see our children who live in England. We participated in the baby dedication of our first grandchild. So we became grandparents. We enjoyed a wonderful time there, and are now back.

Due to the fact that the condition of some of the church members worsened because of old age, I needed to focus more on helping them find materials to heat their homes. I visited the sick at home and at the hospital, we sang and had Communion together. I continued the ministry in Mesentea where a group of women are open to the Word of God. They like to sing, to ask questions but it seems hard for them to decide to follow Jesus in action, even though they know they should.

At Telna we started to do home visits to the sick who do not attend church. I did the visits with three sisters. They have shown to be the most receptive to the Gospel. I am glad to be able to go into their homes with a word of comfort, encouragement and hope, to sing and pray for them. Because of this, the neighbors appreciate us. We want this ministry to be more than just appreciations, to be transformative. We want them to receive the Lord Jesus in their life.

I thank the Lord and Trinity Church for the prayer and financial support. I pray for the PIE Organization and for all the ministry workers, wishing that the Kingdom of God would extend to as many hearts as possible.

Prayer Requests:

§  For the group of women from Mesentea, for strength for them to make a decision for the Lord

§  For the sick in Telna, that they would accept the Lord Jesus

§  To find a group of youth who would work with the children

May God bless you!


June 2017

I thank the Lord that in the month of June 2017 there were activities with major impact in Sard, Telna and Bucerdea. On June 20th and 21st we had teams from the US visit the sick and the poor outside the church. It was a great opportunity to speak to their families about the Lord Jesus, and to pray for the sick. They were very receptive. We had activities for children, songs, outdoor games and crafts. There were over 40 children.

May 2017

I write this update with a certain level of sadness because the children from Telna are not attending the English classes. I noticed a decrease in participation until only the children of the church members attended. I don’t know the reason yet; the priest intervened or the parents don’t allow them to come anymore, or some don’t want to. We will continue to keep in touch with them since we have a special meeting with them on June 20th and 21st with various activities, and summer camp June 26th-30th. We pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and methods by which we can keep connected with them.

April 2017

In the month of April 2017, together with the team of sisters who visit the sick, we visited six families in Telna. These are families who do not come to church. I noticed that the ones who are the most receptive to the Gospel are the sick, so as we visit them, we have the opportunity to talk with them about Lord Jesus. In this way, we are a testimony for their neighbors and for the entire village.

March 2017

With God’s help, we continued evangelism services in Telna on Sundays, since we saw that people were interested in attending and listening to the Word of God. As a result of conversations with them, some said that they like it at our church a lot, how the Word of God is explained so they understand, but when they must make a decision, they delay. The one who can convict people of their sinful nature is only the Holy Spirit. We pray the He does that in these people.

February 2017

In the month of February, with God’s help, we organized four evangelism services in Telna. There were about forty nonbelievers participating every evening. A month before this, we established a chain of prayer and fasting, and prayed that the Holy Spirit would convict the people of their need for salvation. I am glad that as a result of these evangelistic services, a man and a woman continue to come to church, and we pray that they decide to follow the Lord.

News from December

On 18th of December 2016, Sunday afternoon we were supposed to have a Christmas carol concert followed by a message from the Bible, at the Cultural House in Mesentea, but we have had the unpleasant surprise to be unapproved by the City Hall. We continue to pray and believe that the Lord will bring the day when we enter that house.

News from November

With God’s help, we continued the chapel construction project in the village of Bucerdea throughout the month of November, and then stopped when cold weather started, and when our funds ran out.

We had Bible School with the children in Telna, and I was so glad to see how eager they were to participate. We pray that the Holy Spirit would mould their characters. 

News from October

Wth the Lord’s help, in Bucerdea we built a large restroom, much needed (replacing the outhouse). This restroom is inside the church building. In Bucerdea, the construction field stays open because we started building a chapel for funeral services, useful to the church. In Telna, we painted indoors, replaced the ceiling, and painted and reupholstered the benches. In Sard, we put tile on the exterior stairs along with railing for the elderly.

Tani Nemes - July Newsletter

I thank the Lord for health and guidance in the ministry for this month.

On Thursdays and Fridays, together with the brothers and sisters we meet for prayer and bible study. We pray for unsaved husbands, for unsaved children.

We pray for the ministry with kids in Telna and Bucerdea.

We pray for unsaved people in Mesentea and Benic, who accepted to talk with us about the need of Lord Jesus.