Rejected by People, Loved by GOD!


He is Florin and he is 24 years old. I have listened many testimonies about people being rejected during their lives, but I never thought that one day I will personally meet one of them, who could tell me about the trauma he lived. His parents broke up when he was only 2. One of the major reasons that lead to the rupture of his parents’ matrimony was the alcohol. His father exaggerated with the consumption of it and every time he was under it’s influence made a lot of trouble. This fact determined the mother to leave the house and never come back. So, at the age of 2, Florin remained on his father’s cure.

At the age of 7, he sent the little boy to work. So it was practically impossible to go to school regularly. He managed to graduate only the first 2 years of school. He could not keep up with the other children. Now, at the age of 24, he does not know to read or write. He worked for his father since seven years old, who took all the money to buy alcohol. Furthermore, he was despised, beaten, sent away from home. He was hungry for too many times and slept wherever he could. When he asked for help from his mother, she told him she did not want to hear from him. He needed someone to share his kneadings and the pain caused by his own parents.

So, at 14 he decided to get married, not really knowing all the importance of this thing. He met a girl and they lived together for a year and a half. In the meantime, he discovered that she was not loyal to him. At 17 he met another girl and they lived together for 5 years and they had a little boy. When the baby was months, Florin’s wife left from home and did not came back. He took care of the baby until the age of 2. During all this time, Florin continued to live with his father, who did not give up drinking. One day, Florin was denounced by his father to the social services, based on the fact that he could not raise his child seeing the life condition he could offer. Yet, he worked daily on the village so that his son could have a better life.

His father’s real problem was that Florin spent the money for food and clothing for the little boy, which meant less money for the drinking.

As already said, Florin does not have his own home, not because he wouldn’t want it, but because he did not have any kind of help, living with his father. Anyway, the possibility of a young man in Romania to have his own houseis very small, especially if we are talking about a young man as Florin, without education, no job and no help. Having this difficulties, the child was taken from him and given to Florin’s father and mother-in-law. He suffered a lot because of his parents’ rejection

Unfortunately, because of that, he hates them and he’s seeking for revenge. Waiting for the revenge moment, he found the love of God. He heard about the repentant. He came to us. Since that day, God started to heal and restore his heart. Now he is healed! Hate and revenge were sent away. He chose to forgive his parents, confess his sins, ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as a Savior of his life. We are inviting you all to pray for Florin, as he would like to find a working place so that he could buy a little house.

Florin Sfetcu - PIEI Missionary