Forgiveness Leads to Freedom

When the love and forgiveness of God touches hearts, you can see it.  The forgiveness of God brings healing and restoration in human relationships.   


Pansela and Daniela are sister-in-laws from Beciu.  Due to some past unpleasantness, they fought and stopped talking to each other for a year.  Six weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with them, showing them the love and forgiveness available to them through the Word of God.  I explained how God forgave mankind and saved us through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ. They both received Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Realizing how God forgave their sins and paid their penalty through Jesus Christ, they accepted that it was their duty to forgive each other. This forgiveness brought freedom, restoration, and joy back into their relationship.  Pray that even these women’s husbands will be convicted by God so that they too can accept Jesus Christ in their lives.

One year ago, not one person wanted to come to church in Dragonesti, but in the last two month God has called twelve new followers to be the core of the church.  Those people have created a dedicated small group. Pray that God protects them from the evil one, who does not hesitate to attack the faithful. Pray that God gives them the power to overcome the ridicule of others in the village, who mock them because of their faith in Christ.

We invite you to pray for us, for God to give us wisdom in order to present the Gospel to those in the village in a way they can understand and relate to.  

PIE Missionary-Florin Sfetcu