Reason of joy / Baptism

Although I have many things to tell you, however, we have selected just a few. And yet again to be a reason for prayer for all who read this information;

First of all, I would start with the three young women who witnessed God in the water this month: Oana, Madalina, and Rahela three young women who, although coming fromChristian families have not yet taken this decisive step to receive the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior in their hearts. But this summer, we had a Christian camp with young people from several places [what a blessing are are these camps]. The camp was in Albesti near Cimpulung and focused on these 3 things:

1. All men are sinners no matter they come from
2. For those Jesus died and paid for us
3. Receiving the Lord Jesus in the heart by faith

We rejoiced with the whole Congregation of their decision

The second thing I would like to show is that every Friday we have a program with the girls from the orphanage and we go through the “Masterpiece” course, although we are going slowly.

To make sure that everything we go through is understood and applied we have a dialogue between us and I would like to confess that it’a blessing to myself too.

In the gypsy villages where are the missionary points did home visits to those who do not come to the church anymore and we basically make a small gathering at their home. Here we also have some relatives who, even if they do not want to, are obliged to listen to the Gospel, and this is another occasion that the Spirit of God to work.

Because we still have little time until Jesus will come again we have to work spreading the Gospel until we will receive our reward.

Thank you all for supporting me! May God bless you. Joshua 1:9

Traian Chilau / P.I.E.I missionary