Foster care for eldery people - A different approach for doing mission

Before writing a few things as part of my September activity, I must thank GOD the Father who accompanied me all time. Although there is much to be said about, I would like to select only few thoughts so that God's Name is to be praised.

This month, I was touched by the visit I made to Suici old foster care, where previously the house was an orphanage. And because the hopuse the same director I have an open door for the mission we are doing in this place. More precisely, we are a local church team (as it was in this case: 2 brothers and 4 sisters), and we go to buy groceries for approx. 150-200 $, then we go from room to room in this old foster care house.

What we have as a goal, because most of them are abandoned by the family, and because we are about to pass towards eternity, is to convince them that they are sinners, and for their sins Jesus, the Son of God, died on a cross. And because it is eternity, after this life in the flesh, we pray for every one and urge them to receive Jesus as Lord as their Savior. We tell them so because next time we do not know if we can find them, but we all do want that, and we would like to meet them in the Heaven also. When we do evangelism, both at Asylum, at the Orphanage, or in the villages of Rudari we also treat the subject of what it means to be Christian; A Christian is not a better man, no more religious than others; is someone who has been guilty and lost and who has accepted the salvation that God gives him by repentance and faith in the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I also want to help them socially, by giving clothes (when we receive), beside spreading the Gospel.

I would like to thank, fromthe botoom of my heart to all who support us both spiritually and financially. We can do nothing more then praying for you in our daily prayers:

PIEI/USA and Romania committee, Ed and Daiana, Matei family, Sister Naomi and Barac family, we all have beautiful memories and we ask to the Throne of God to protect you and give you health.

I would like to conclude and greet you with a verse from the Word of God: Ephesians 6:10-11

Traian Chilau, PIEI/Romania missionary

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