Kids Ministry in Telna

After two weeks of vacation camp last summer (2018), I am very happy and thankful to the Lord for the 65 children who participated, we continue to meet with a number of 20 for each week.
A group of young people meet with them every Friday and have different activities: Bible study, questions and answers, workshops and sports activities.

Our goal is to reach the hearts of the parents with the gospel through the children.
We prepare children programs in the church where we invite their parents and we use this opportunity to communicate with them and create relationships.

Thanks to Brother Carl and the Trinity Church for prayer and financial support.

Prayer requests:

  • For children who came to our meetings, to accept the Lord Jesus in their lives;

  • For the children's parents to be open and honest when we talk to them.

God bless you!

Tani Nemes - PIEI Missionary