Home Visits

Thank God for the opportunity to get into the people’s houses and bring them the good news of the Gospel.
In the photo is Sister Ana, she’s Parkinson sick, and her nephew Gheorghe. Every time I visit sick brothers and sisters, I have the opportunity to talk about Jesus with the non-believers in the family.
Gheorghe, the grandson of Sister Ana, always listens with interest while I’m telling him a Bible story .
When we said good-bye to each other, our salude is: Jesus be with us. I pray that the word sown in his heart will be for the salvation of his soul.


Many thanks to Brother Carl and the Trinity Church for prayers and financial support.
I thank the Lord for all PIEI servants and I pray that through us the kingdom of God will expand in many hearts.

Needs and reasons for prayer:

  • For Sister Ana - the Lord to relieve her sufferings

  • For Gheorghe to love the Lord Jesus

  • For me and my family to be guarded by the evil attacks

God bless you all!

Tani Nemes - PIEI Missionary