October 2017

Praised be the Lord for this month at Ponorel and Sohodol. In each of these churches we celebrated Thanksgiving, a special occasion to invite the non-believers to hear the Word of God. In Sohodol, almost all our friends from the village came to church. They listened to poems, songs and Biblical message with great interest. After a week, I visited each one of them, and took a photo as remembrance from the event. Their sincere desire was for me to visit them to talk about wonderful things from the Scripture. Mr. Nicu from Sohodol said, very decisively, that “I know I need to be baptized; I know that salvation is only in the Lord Jesus. Please pray for me and my family; I also pray every day.”

I ordered 2018 calendars which I plan to give to my non-believing friends when I visit them to talk about the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for us. The next six months are great for prayer and evangelism in the homes. Thanks so much for all you do for us. May God reward you from His great riches!