July 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

I mentioned in the last report about our plan to go to Spain. We thank the Lord for blessing us. Our travels were under His protection. We were glad to be together with our relatives at the wedding, and in fellowship with the brothers and sisters from Reus for two Sundays.


Being back in the country, we focused our attention on the baptism scheduled for the last Sunday of July. On the Friday before, the church received these five candidates as new church members, and listened to their testimonies on how they turned to God. It was a time of heart-searching for them and for us. I am sharing one of them with you.

Sister Ana, 80 years old, grew up in a Christian orphanage. There she learned for the first time about God and how to get salvation. Sadly, once she left the orphanage, she gave up everything she had learned and lived a sinful life, far away from God. Shortly before he died, Ana’s father gave her his Bible. He told her to read this book because in it she would meet the Lord Jesus and learn about the way to eternal life. He also told her not to leave the Bible forgotten in a drawer. For awhile this is exactly what happened: the Bible was put away and forgotten. But the Spirit of the Lord searched Sister Ana, she took the Bible and started to read it. God convicted her of her sinful nature and offered forgiveness, and now she is experiencing the “first love” for God. 

By God’s grace, everything went well at the baptism. Two Brothers and three Sisters publicly confessed their faith for their Savior Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for everything!

Prayer Requests:

-           For the spiritual growth of the five people who were baptized

-           For more people to become saved by God

-           For my family: spiritual and physical health

In Him,

Daniel Petrut