August 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We take joy in the rest the Lord provides in the midst of the events surrounding us. We hope that the same joy would motivate you as well. After the joy I shared with you about the baptism in July, we are glad to see how God worked, step by step, in the heart of our friend Paraschiva. I shared with you that even though she has been attending church for a long time, she kept postponing getting baptized. She is now ready and determined to get baptized in September. In the weeks to come, we will meet more often for catechism. Praise God!

As it usually happens in life, the good things come packaged with the bad. The reoccurring thing now is that in all four churches where I serve, the elderly are more and more inactive because of the physical weakness, followed by them passing away. Despite our efforts, there are few who turn to the Lord. Our strong desire is to see an exponential growth in those who convert.

This month I encouraged the church in Mihalt to get more involved in actively visiting the sick. We have brothers and sisters who, because of sickness and old age, cannot come to church. For them, we bring the church to their house. We saw their joy when they received our visits. At times, their tears spoke more than their words.

Together with Raul and other PIE missionaries we plan to form teams with the youth visiting us from the US. We plan to have six youth in our local missionary circle. We try to involve them in everything we do regularly, so that God would bring a new atmosphere in the local ministry for the glory of the Master. Because of this, I want to also extend an invitation to you to visit us in Mihalt.
We are thankful for your support, and our joy would be so much greater if we see you face to face.

Daniel C. Petrut, PIE Missionary in Mihalt