News from October

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!

May that the Lord have mercy on the USA! Be strong in the Lord for He is the one to lift and to put down; the history of the humankind is in His hand. All glory to Him forever!

We are glad to be able to write from the area where we serve the Lord. Health-wise, Alin is doing much better. He started working again. Still, the family context is still affecting his spiritual maturity. Since his mother dies, he is the one to wash the clothes for his father and brothers, and the one to do all the cooking. He leaves for work early in the morning and returns late at night. We try to stay closely connected with him, as a church, but many times he avoids spending time with us.

With the Lord’s help, we go forward with the Nehemiah project in the area of Ocna Mures-Gabud. At the last meeting, I went with the team to Gabud. We split into small teams and walked through the village, praying for the residents. We also met with the brothers who are involved with Sunday School in the Village of Bucerdea Granoasa. We hope that these meetings are a reason for encouragement and spiritual growth for all who attend Bible School.

As I mentioned before, God allows us to go through joyful moment as well as trials. We were glad to be with one of the young women, at her wedding. Daniela, the young bride, grew up with the youth from Bucerdea Granoasa. Joyful moments were replaces soon after with sad ones. In my twelve years of pasturing, I am faced with the first case of divorce in one of the churches were we serve, in Craciunelu de Jos. It hurts me that they did not seek counseling; I found out about the divorce when they were in the last phase in court. We were very sad about it. 

Prayer requests:

-           For guidance and divine protection for my family

-           For Alin: spiritual maturity

-           For the Village of Gabud: spiritual awakening

-           For Daniela and her husband Darius

-           For the family who is broken because of the divorce