News from September

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, We thank God for the calling to serve and bring praise to His Name. Glory to God, for it is through His Sacrifice at Golgotha that we have become brothers and sisters! Even though we are far away from each other, we are guided by the same Spirit. 

As we planned, with God’s help, we put on a VBS program before school started. Children were happy to attend. We believe these three days of meetings were encouraging for us and for the children. We are thankful to the Lord for helping us reach the two objectives for VBS: strengthening the relationships among the youth, and reaching the children with the Gospel. 

Another reason for my joy was organizing the Thanksgiving celebration. As in previous years, for this kind of celebration, many village residents attended, these being people who do not come to church usually. I talked with some of them at the end. A woman was impressed with the fellowship we had at church. A few days later, brother Mihai said that one of his neighbors, whom he did not invite this time, expected to be invited as he would have liked to attend. 

There are also some updates that need prayer. I wrote to you a few times about Alin. Some time ago, while waiting for the bus to return home from work, he fainted. Some people helped him get home. Once checked by the doctors, he was put on medical leave. It seems that the toxic substances present at work caused this situation with his health. 

Prayer Requests:

- For the church youth

- For Alin

- For my family

We wish you all good health!

Daniel Petrut