Ministry Updates


A few weeks ago, together with a few people from the World Race, we came alongside our brother Cuc Gabriel to evangelize to the villages that he serves. Last Thursday, Ana, Alix and a group of six Americans were in two villages to share New Testaments and to tell the people about God, the forgiveness of their sins, and how they can have eternal life.

Lucica, an 82 year old woman was speaking with three of the Americans and Ana, who was translating for them. Through their conversation, she recognized for herself that she is a sinner and wanted to be rid of her sins, but she did not know how.

One of her daughters was reading the Bible regularly, and as the Americans read the scriptures, she was hungry to hear them! She was saying constantly “Read more, I like it so much!” She was asked if she knew how her sins could be forgiven, and she responded “No, but I would really like to know.”

That night, was the night that she invited Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to forgive her sin and to lead her life. She confessed that she was full of happiness and that she felt released because her sins were forgiven.

The same night, one of the American girls wanted to give another lady, Anica, an 83 year old woman, a New Testament. She responded in anger, raising her cane to beat her up, telling her that she didn’t need anything like this, and that they were not allowed in her village. Ten minutes later, while the group was speaking with a retired engineer about God, Anica came closer to the group and started crying, telling them that her son had died a month ago. The same girl who she tried to beat came and patted her arm, prayed for her, and showed her support and understanding by sharing that her mother had died a year ago.

The same night ended with a visit to an engineer who was hostile in the first few minutes, but then invited the group into his yard. We talked about God for 45 minutes with him! He was a religious man who visited multiple monasteries, but he didn’t know if he had eternal life, believing that only the monks who renounced and separated themselves from everything in this would would have eternal life. We left his yard telling him that everyone can have eternal life. One of the Americans was inspired from the Holy Spirit to tell him that the disciples of Jesus Christ were not all educated and rich people, but Jesus chose them to follow Him. It was a day where we saw the love and presence of God giving us the right words for the right people.