Pray with us

Beloved brothers from the PIEI,

God bless you for everything you do for so I might be able to go and share the Gospel in the area we live.  May the Lord reward you, your families and the churches you attend to.

  The brothers from Caciulatesti and the surrounding, want to serve the Lord Jesus and testify His name.

  Two weeks ago a serious situation arose in the church: Brother Gheorghe of Brabeti, who has been in the church for almost a year, who came to the church almost regularly (and we visited him very often, we helped him when he needed) now he told us that he was convinced by the nieces who are in England and Turkey, to follow the Orthodox way again, not to give up tradition and customs, but to give up repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

I was at his home with a brother, and he told us that he decided not to come to the church anymore.

 Prayer requests:

- for Brother Gheorghe of Brabeti, who gave up the path of faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit set a spirit of repentance in his heart, and the Lord would search his close relatives.

- May Jesus continue to help us to communicate His Word to the villages where there are no churches.

With love in Jesus Christ,

Gabi Cuc!

(2 Thess. 3: 1-2)