Praying for the sick ones

With the help of God, during this period, I made several visits to the sick people. I want to tell you something about it: We have a brother in Christ who has both legs amputated above his knee. When I entered him in the room, he was alone and when he saw me he started to smile and said, "I waited for you to come to me."

I was encouraged to see him gladly and hopefully. I brought him some words from the Bible, we prayed and then he said, "Brother, nothing hurts, I have peace and I am quiet.”

We pray that the Lord be with him, and work also in the hearts of his children who doesn’t know Him.

Also, in the last month we had a special prayer time at Church for each family every Sunday in the morning service.
We prayed at first for widow or sick brothers & sisters. We motivated the church to show our love by continuing to pray all week for them and to make visits.
I was glad to see that a group of sisters visited every week. They came and confessed their joy and the ones they visited. I pray that our love for our neighbors will grow more.

Cornel Fogorosiu - PIEI Missionary