God bring us Joy

I want to bring you some of the joys that the Lord has given us lately. In our family God sent a boy, Taylor to Ema - one of our daughters. They're going to get married this spring. He's an american, his parents are from Michigan. Now we pray that the Lord will give them open doors at interview and get visa for United States of America. We had a blessed time when Taylor came in our family.

Another event, in the kids ministry in our church, My wife Nuti and Gina, another sister working with children, had a good time with them, celebrating the day of a girl for whom they prayed with all the other children.

Another special moment was the visit we made to the sick people. We have two sick sisters: --- Elizabeth and Valeruta for whom we pray that the Lord will be with them in their suffering.

Cornel Fogorosiu - PIEI Missionary